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Company Registration in Morocco

Registering a Company in Morocco: everything you need to know

Registering a company in Morocco: the legal formalities for setting up a SARL (limited liability company)

The 9 stages of setting up a business in Morocco

Company Registration in Morocco
  • How to set up a business?
  • Legal formalities for setting up a limited liability company ?

Setting up my own business
There are 9 legal formalities involved in setting up a limited liability company (SARL):

  1. Negative certificate :
    A certificate stating that no other company is using the same company name as that chosen by the applicant.
  2. Drafting the articles of association :
    The content of the articles of association varies from one company to another. They contain information relating to the creation of the company: the share capital and its distribution among the partners, the company’s activity, etc.
  3. Blocking the amount of paid-up capital :
    Prove that the funds have been received by obtaining a certificate from the bank stating that the paid-up capital has been blocked. This step is not compulsory if the SARL’s capital does not exceed DH100,000.
  4. Subscription/payment declaration :
    Obtaining the blocking certificate issued by the bank in order to file the declaration with the court registry.
  5. Filing of incorporation deeds :
    Registration of the deeds of incorporation with the Regional Tax Office. The latter is represented in the Regional Investment Centres (CRI).
  6. Patent and Tax ID :
    Registration with the Direction Régionale des Impôts to obtain the business tax identification number (TP) and the fiscal identifier (IF).
  7. Registration in the Commercial Register :
    Application for registration in the Commercial Register at the Commercial Court for any form of company, except for joint ventures.
  8. Affiliation with the CNSS :
    This is the stage that enables an employer to be identified as being liable for the declaration of wages. This affiliation can also be carried out at the CRI.
  9. Official publication :
    Announcing the creation of a company in the official bulletin and official newspaper.

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