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Domiciliate your Company in Morocco
hanae belsakri
Writing By Hanane Belaskri

18.01.2023 | Bh Adviser | Morocco

Domiciliate your company in Morocco: information, advantages and rates

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By law, any company worthy of the name needs to have a physical address, i.e. a registered office. And this registered office must be declared to the designated competent body: the CFE (Centre de formalité des Entreprises). Domiciliation, therefore, makes it possible to certify the company’s fiscal and legal address. However, this address may be different from the company’s place of business. The administrative address must be included in all the company’s documents.

Domiciliate your Company in Morocco

What is business domiciliation and how can it be done in Morocco?

you are an entrepreneur residing in Morocco and you wish to register your company, this article details the procedures, the rates and all the advantages you can get from it.

Company domiciliation in Morocco: reason and goals

As the name suggests, business domiciliation is the creation of a more suitable setting for clients than that of the company’s premises. This setting can be at home, or on-premises dedicated to the company, provided, of course, that the relevant legal texts are applied. The purpose of domiciliation is to give the company a postal address, but also to give it a more professional and prestigious image.

However, to make a good domiciliation it is essential to make a good choice of location. The choice of location must be in line with the business activity and the target clientele.

What are the prerequisites for domiciliation in Morocco?

Before you can register your company, it must first have a commercial name that has been allocated to it by the OMPIC. Once the certificate has been obtained, you can now turn to specialist companies to choose the type of domiciliation that is best suited to your sector of activity and the legal form of your company.

What types of domiciliation exist in Morocco?

Depending on the nature of the business, your company can be domiciled either at the manager’s home, on the premises of a domiciliation company, on the premises occupied by another company or on the new company’s premises.

Domiciliation at the professional domicile in Morocco

This concerns any entrepreneur, trader or craftsman who wishes to register his company with the address of his home. Domiciliation is therefore authorised if the lease or co-ownership regulations do not prevent it. It is important to note in this case that domiciliation is only permitted at the home of the person appointed as manager and not at the home of one of the partners. It is not possible, according to the law, to set up the domiciliation at the home of a partner.

Domiciliation with a domiciliation company in Morocco

Many domiciliation companies offer complete packages. And the entrepreneur is relieved of certain tasks by using a domiciliation structure, which gives him the right to use the services of these companies. In this case, the contract between the new company and the domiciliation company must be mentioned in the entrepreneur’s RCS (trade and company register) and must stipulate the registration of the domiciliation company. However, the entrepreneur must check whether the domiciliary company can handle his accounting or payroll.

Domiciliation on the premises of another company or shared premises

This type of domiciliation allows you to benefit from all the advantages of the company’s premises, if, for example, it is located in a good area. Shared premises can also be chosen if the geographical location is advantageous and if the premises are easily accessible for customers and partners. It should be remembered that companies that join together can sometimes benefit from shared services and can use the same equipment.

Domiciliation in your own premises in Morocco

If you own or rent premises, you can set up your registered office there. In addition, a prior check must be made to ensure that there is no legal opposition. You must also ensure that the premises are well located and easy to find for your future customers.

Finding the right location for your business in Morocco

The place of business is very important as it is the reference address for all customers and contacts related to the company’s activity in Morocco. The location, therefore, has a direct impact on the company’s brand image and credibility. Let’s take a simple example. Let’s say you are in the business of selling luxury furniture and your company headquarters is in a popular area. A location in a residential area would be more appropriate.

The State has set up financial aid and local authorities to monitor the distribution of businesses in the country. However, this aid alone cannot define your location. You need to think carefully to choose a place that corresponds to your needs according to your activity. We recommend that you contact a firm of legal experts or experts in company creation to obtain appropriate advice on the location that best suits your business.

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