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How much money do you need to start a business in Morocco

Establishing a business in Morocco offers a gateway to Africa for entrepreneurs and investors, with its strategic location and growing economy. Understanding the financial implications is key to planning a successful entry into this vibrant market.

The costs involved in setting up a company in Morocco vary based on several factors, including the type of company, the industry, and the region. This article delves into the detailed financial requirements of incorporating a business in Morocco.

Initial Considerations for Company Formation

Before diving into the specifics of company formation costs, it is crucial to comprehend the types of companies available in Morocco and the associated requirements. The most common types of companies include:

Each company structure has its regulatory framework and cost implications, from minimum capital requirements to notary and legal fees.

Breakdown of Company Setup Costs

Legal formalities constitute a significant portion of the initial costs. Notary fees for company statutes, registration duties, and the cost of legal counsel can vary, but they are essential for ensuring compliance with Moroccan business laws.

Minimum Capital Requirements

  • SARL: Approximately MAD 10,000
  • SA: MAD 300,000 if shares are offered to the public, otherwise MAD 100,000
  • SAS: No minimum capital requirement, but often set at MAD 100,000

These amounts must be deposited in a Moroccan bank account, adding to the initial setup costs.

Registration Fees

Registration with the Regional Investment Center (CRI) includes:

  • Business Registration: No fee
  • Trade Register: Variable, based on the company size
  • Tax Identification Number: No fee

Additional Costs

Other costs include:

  • Accounting and Auditing Services
  • Business Licensing, depending on the activity
  • Office Rental and Utility Deposits, based on location

Recurring Expenses

  • Corporate Taxes, which vary according to the income and activities of the company
  • Social Security Contributions for employees
  • Business Insurance, depending on the type and scope of business

Location-Based Costs

The region in which you set up your business in Morocco can significantly impact your costs due to:

  • Variations in Office Rental Prices: Urban areas like Casablanca and Rabat are more expensive compared to other regions.
  • Local Taxes and Duties: Some regions offer tax incentives to attract businesses, which can reduce costs.

Industry-Specific Fees

Certain industries may have additional fees for permits and licenses, such as:

  • Food and Beverage: Health and safety licenses
  • Manufacturing: Environmental permits
  • Tourism: Specific licensing related to travel and accommodation services

Steps and Costs of Company Formation

Step 1: Name Clearance

  • Cost: Minimal, but mandatory
  • Purpose: Ensures the company name is not already in use

Step 2: Document Preparation

  • Legal Documentation: Articles of Association and other legal documents
  • Professional Fees: Costs for a lawyer or notary to draft and certify the necessary documents

Step 3: Company Registration

  • Trade Register Fees
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration: A nominal fee

Step 4: Tax Registration

  • Cost: Generally free, but late registration can incur penalties

Step 5: Social Security Enrollment

  • Cost: Varies based on the number of employees

Step 6: Business Specific Licensing

  • Cost: Varies widely depending on business activity and necessary permits

Cost Optimization Strategies

  • Comparing Offers: Get multiple quotes from notaries and lawyers.
  • In-House Preparation: Draft documents internally if possible.

Banking and Financial Management

  • Shop Around for Banks: Different banks offer varying fee structures.
  • Keep Initial Capital Lean: Only invest what is necessary to maintain liquidity.

Location and Office Space

  • Co-Working Spaces: Reduce initial investment in office space.
  • Negotiate Leases: Long-term leases can sometimes be negotiated for better rates.


Starting a business in Morocco can be a cost-effective entry into the African market, provided entrepreneurs do their due diligence on the costs involved. By understanding and anticipating these expenses, business owners can create a robust financial plan that ensures a smooth start-up phase and sets the foundation for a profitable venture.

In summary, the cost of setting up a company in Morocco includes legal fees, minimum capital investment, registration fees, recurring expenses, and potentially industry-specific costs. Prudent planning and cost management can help minimize expenses while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

The vibrant Moroccan economy is ripe with opportunity, and with the right financial groundwork, your business can flourish in this gateway to Africa.

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