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How to Start a Medical Practice in Morocco as a Foreigne
hanae belsakri
Writing By Hanane Belaskri

12.01.2023 | Bh Adviser | Morocco

How to Start a Medical Practice in Morocco as a Foreigne

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For an experienced doctor or a group of doctors, opening a medical practice in Morocco may seem exciting and rewarding. However, in practice, it is a rather complex project to set up and requires a certain knowledge of the terrain. Apart from the classic stages relating to the creation of a company, the choice of the location of the practice, knowledge of and compliance with the regulations in force, and registration with the medical association are key elements to be validated to hope to practice one day in the country.

It is therefore in the spirit of mutual assistance that this guide has been designed. It aims to help each reader to take the appropriate steps to successfully open a medical practice in Morocco.

How to Start a Medical Practice in Morocco as a Foreigne

Market research: go in search of information

Firstly, you need to carry out a market study of your sector of activity to analyse the demand, the successful or risky areas for your practice, the existing competition and what is to come.

To do this, this study should help determine the characteristics of the population (age pyramid, ageing rate, increasing or stable), the average income of the population and the number of potential patients per area.

Once this information has been collected, it is essential to examine the medical environment. This involves, for example, taking a census of all the establishments that compete directly or indirectly with your medical practice. You will also need to check their distribution over the territory (by rural or urban area), to better appreciate the opportunities for setting up your practice.

Location and layout: choosing the optimal location in morocco

The choice of premises for a medical practice is also an essential step. It must be suitable for the professional practice of the doctor or group of doctors and above all for the benefit of the patients: easy to find, not far from transport…

In addition, the premises must include at least a waiting room, a medical consultation room and latrines, and comfortable chairs. Indeed, a medical practice must be a place that inspires security and privacy for the patient before any service is provided.

Investment and financing: optimise your budget in morocco

To avoid any nasty surprises, it is important to estimate and budget for all the costs associated with market research, setting up (premises, equipment, etc.) and managing your medical practice (insurance, taxes, etc.). This is a very important point to bear in mind.

For some years now, banks have been supporting medical practice creation projects through financing. Owners of medical projects can thus benefit from very interesting financing, for example, that of BMCI Médical.

This of course requires a convincing business plan.

Business plan: draw up a business plan tailored to your financing needs
Like any other business, setting up a medical practice requires a business plan. This is one of the steps that should not be underestimated, as it allows you to present your project and check its viability. The business plan also makes it possible to identify the ways and means of making the activity profitable. It is therefore a reference document to be put on the table when seeking financing.

Registering with the Medical Association in morocco

This law stipulates, among other things, that they must be Moroccan nationals and hold a doctorate recognized as equivalent to the national diploma in accordance with the regulations in force. Furthermore, the doctor must prove that he or she has never been convicted of any crime (murder, misdemeanor) not only in Morocco but also abroad.

Lastly, the doctor must show that he or she is not registered with a medical association abroad and prove that he or she has been voluntarily removed from the register if he or she was registered.

You are probably wondering where and how to register. Registration is carried out at the regional council of the medical association in each region.

Here is a brief overview of the documents to be provided for both the private and public sectors, as recommended by the National Medical Association for registration:

The application form to be downloaded in morocco

Certified copies of the following documents Doctorate in medicine from a national or foreign faculty, or any other diploma equivalent to the current texts published and promulgated in the Official Bulletin; Diploma attesting to the speciality or qualification; Recent criminal record of 3 months or another similar official document; National identity card; A legalized declaration on the applicant’s honour certifying that he/she is not a member of a Foreign Medical Order.
An identity photo of the applicant;
Proof of payment of annual fees, i.e. ordinary fees and installation fees (for doctors in the private sector).

Conditions for obtaining permission to open a medical practice in morocco

Apart from the quantitative aspect of the field data collected, and the parameters mentioned, a medical practice must comply fully with all the applicable location and safety measures. As a legal requirement, it is worth noting that a practice can only be open to patients after the control of a commission appointed by the regional council of the Order of Physicians with territorial jurisdiction.

The application can be made in two ways: either by physical deposit at the headquarters of the Regional Council, against receipt, or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Thirty days after the application, the said commission is responsible for examining the conformity of the premises with the regulatory requirements observed in the context of general medicine and the various medical specialities.

The following documents must be provided to constitute the file in morocco

The application attesting to the address of the practice;
The decision to register with the National Order of Physicians;
List of equipment available;
A document certifying the professional domicile (lease contract, property deed…);
A contribution of 2000 dhs for general medicine and 1000 dhs for specialised medicine.
Following the control, a certificate of conformity is issued to the doctor by the president of the regional council, in order to allow him to open officially.

With this highly important document, the doctor can open in complete safety, without the risk of paying fines. And if the practice is reorganized or extended, a new inspection must be carried out to establish the new condition of the premises.

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