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Write by Hanane Belaskri

10.05.2022 | Bh Adviser | Morocco

The Minimum Wage In Morocco (2022)

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If you employ (or plan to employ) people with a minimum wage (legally required), you should expect a negative impact on your entity’s payroll as of September 2022.
Indeed, the Moroccan government has approved an increase in the minimum wage in two phases (the first applicable from September 2022 and the second from September 2023).

The cost of the increase for the private sector (excluding the agricultural sector ):

In concrete terms, if you employ a person at the minimum wage in the private sector (excluding the Agricultural sector), from September 2022, it will cost you 18.83 dirhams per hour (15.55 dirhams in gross + 3.28 dirhams in social charges), compared to 17.93 dirhams previously. Starting in September 2023, it will cost you 19.76 dirhams per hour (16.32 dirhams gross + 3.44 dirhams in social charges).

The cost of the increase for the agricultural sector:

If you operate in the agricultural sector, starting in September 2022, the employee will cost 13.71 dirhams per hour (11.48 dirhams gross + 2.23 dirhams in social charges), up from 12.75 dirhams previously. From September 2023, it will cost you 14.41 dirhams per hour (12.06 dirhams gross + 2.35 dirhams in social charges).

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