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Morocco company formation
hanae belsakri
Writing By Hanane Belaskri

22.12.2022 | Bh Adviser | Morocco

Morocco company formation: How to start an IT company in morocco

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What do you have to do if you want to start your own IT company in morocco? The idea, business plan, legal form, financing, trademark protection, insurance, notary appointments, contracts, etc. are some of the buzzwords on the way to founding a company. For many founders, setting up their own IT company is a book with seven seals. That is why you will find 10 important steps for setting up a company below.

The legal requirements to create a company and start a business in Morocco are:

The legal requirements to create an IT ( The information technology) company or start a IT business in morocco

  • Choosing the right legal structure for your company in morocco

    The LLC (SARL) is the legal form most used by investors in Morocco. It is a company with limited liability, which means that its members are not personally liable for the company's debts.

  • Applying for a Company Name in Morocco

    The negative certificate is an administrative document issued by the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC). This administration acts as a search engine for companies in Morocco or a directory of companies in Morocco and regularly updates the list of companies in Morocco. It certifies that the trade name requested by the investor is available and can be registered in the commercial register.

  • The signing of a commercial lease or a domiciliation contract in morocco

    To be duly registered, any company in Morocco must have a registered office.

  • Opening a business bank account in morocco

    This step is compulsory for SA and SARL whose paid-up capital exceeds 100,000 dirhams. It consists in opening a temporary bank account in a local bank where the registered capital of the company is transferred. Once the capital is transferred, the bank issues a certificate of blocking the capital.

  • Legal publicity in morocco

    Once the company has been incorporated, the legal publicity formalities must be carried out with a legal announcement newspaper and the official bulletin

  • Declaration to the Foreign Exchange Office in morocco

    Foreign investors are allowed, following foreign exchange regulations, to freely transfer abroad all the proceeds of their investments in Morocco (dividends, sale price of shares and liquidation proceeds). The only condition is that the initial investment is made in one of the foreign currencies listed by the Moroccan central bank. To benefit from the transfer of dividends abroad, a report on foreign investment in Morocco must be submitted to the Office des Changes. This document must be accompanied by copies of the company's articles of association, Form 3 issued by the bank and the notification of identifiers form. Finally, the last tasks to be completed before your company becomes operational are to order a stamp for your company and to entrust your bookkeeping and taxes to an accounting firm.

What are the best cities for starting your own IT company or business in Morocco?

Morocco is a country that has been experiencing rapid economic growth in the past decade. It has been ranked as the top destination for foreign direct investment in Africa.

As a result, many entrepreneurs have started to invest in this country and have created innovative startups. The Moroccan government is also supporting them by providing tax exemptions and offering funding opportunities. These cities are the best destinations for entrepreneurs to start their businesses:

Casablanca- Morocco's largest city and financial hub


Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city and economic centre. The city grew quickly in the 20th century and has been able to maintain a large French population – many of whom are descendants of the original settler community.

Rabat is the capital of Morocco

business in morocco

 It is the largest city in the Kingdom, as well as its political and cultural centre. Rabat has a population of 4 million people. Rabat’s location has historically made it an important trade city, as it was a key port for international traders who were travelling across the Mediterranea


agadir in morocco

The city of Agadir is a modern and bustling port city on the Northern coast of Morocco, with a population of 1.5 million. It is famous for its beaches, clear blue waters and hot climate.

Why Morocco is a great place to begin starting an IT company

Morocco’s workforce

Morocco’s workforce is also very skilled and educated. They have the necessary skills to build high-tech products and services that can be exported to other markets.

Morocco’s government

Morocco’s government is also very supportive of the IT industry and encourages innovation by providing subsidies for research and development, tax incentives, and access to capital.

This means that Morocco has a large pool of low-wage labour from which companies can pick and choose employees for their projects.

Morocco’s strong national identity also makes it easier for companies to find qualified workers who are willing to relocate.

The country’s national identity

The country’s national identity, language and culture are different from those of its neighbours, which makes it easier for companies to find qualified workers who are willing to relocate.

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