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How to Start a Travel Agency in Morocco
hanae belsakri
Writing By Hanane Belaskri

26.08.2022 | Bh Adviser | Morocco

How to Start a Travel Agency in Morocco

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What is a travel agent in morocco?

 A travel agent is a licensed retailer of tourism products and services who provides information, reservation, and other services to customers, businesses and groups making travel arrangements.

What types of agencies are in morocco?

 A travel agent is a licensed retailer of tourism products and services who provides information, reservation, and other services to customers, businesses and groups making travel arrangements.

There are three types of travel agencies in morocco:

  • Tour operators

    Tour operators (also called wholesalers or tour operators): are organizers of package tours or agencies that create tours on demand. There are two categories of T.O, on the one hand, the large groups (FRAM, Accor tours, Club Med, HAVAS voyages, TUI, Neckerman, etc.), and on the other hand, small or medium-sized but very specialised tour operators.

  • Distributors

    this is an agency that acts as an intermediary, i.e. it markets a product manufactured by wholesalers and receives a commission in return (ticketing, sale of packages for O.T.).,

  • Receptive

    This is a commercial company that selects, represents, and assembles services from its host region, which it puts into operation through producers and distribution agencies. It represents them to consumers, providing them with assistance and guaranteeing continuity of services during their trip or stay in the destination country.

How to start a business (travel agent) in morocco as a foreigner

  • Register your company

    register your organisation (or yourself as an individual) with the Trade Register. This is when you decide on the legal status of your future company (SARL (LLC), SAS, etc.)

  • Open a business bank account

    There are many ways to get paid, but you still need a place to receive the money. So opening a business account is one of the first things you should do. This will allow you to keep track of expenses and still have a way to receive payments.

  • Get a Tour Operator's Licence

    Once your business is officially registered, it's time to get your tour operator licence

  • Take out liability insurance

    Liability insurance protects you if something goes wrong and a customer or employee has an accident. It can also cover possible legal costs. Look online for different rates from local insurance companies.

What are the requirements for an application form for a travel agency licence?

 The promoter is required to fill in a form in triplicate and to send it back with the above-mentioned complete file and a covering letter to the Tourism Department in Rabat. This form contains the name and surname of the promoter, the commercial name of the agency, the registered capital, the head office of the agency, the address, the fax, as well as the legalized emergent of the promoter. Thus, the promoter must meet certain conditions and provide details of his identity whether he is a natural or legal person.


  • A birth certificate or any other document in lieu thereof
  • An extract from the criminal record or the anthropometric record issued within the last
  • three months.
  • A certificate of enrolment in the Register of Commencement or, where applicable, an
  • undertaking to enroll as a travel agent within a maximum period of two months after obtaining the license
  • Documents relating to the material organization of the agency: location plan, interior
  • layout plan, details of the equipment (this list is fixed and determined by the Minister of Tourism)
  • Diplomas, certificates, or other documents likely to attest to the professional qualification
  • of the applicant
  • A list of staff and their qualifications.
  • A report prepared by the applicant on the activities he/she intends to undertake
  • A bank certificate justifying the capacity to finance the project


  • A certified copy of the original statutes of the company.
  • The documents provided in paragraphs 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 are required of natu.ral persons.
  • The documents required from natural persons in 1, 2 and 5 of A above.

What Exactly is the Tax System for small business i in Morocco?

How to Start a Travel Agency in Morocco

Tax on ticket sales: In Morocco, VAT is charged at a rate of 20% on all journeys made, excluding international journeys outside Morocco. 

VAT on tourism operations: The rate applied to the services offered by travel agencies compared to that applied to other professions in the sector is high. It is indeed 20% against a deserved reduction of this tax to 10% for the hotel sector.

Some advice about starting a travel agency in moroccoas a foreigner

– Choice of legal form and its characteristics: The legal form defines the identity of the future company in the eyes of the law, so the choice can only be made after thorough research, as it determines the level of responsibility of the entrepreneur and implies the future of the company. Among the various legal forms proposed by Moroccan legislation, we have chosen the Limited Liability Company (LLC) as it is the most commonly used form due to its simplicity in terms of registration and operation.

Characteristics of the LLC: This form is particularly suitable for SMEs and is preferred to the S.A. because: 

  • In LLC, the number of shareholders can be between 1 and 50, while SA consists of at least
  • 7 shareholders.
  • hares held by shareholders for capital contribution can only be transferred to a third
  • party with the consent of “the majority of shareholders (3/4 and above shares)”, and can be freely transferred between shareholders. between spouses and relatives.
  • SARLs may be administered by one or more natural persons. However, it cannot be
  • managed by a legal entity.
  • Prohibit managers or shareholders from lending money to the company,obtaining overdraft facilities or guarantees from the company or guaranteeing their liability to any third party.

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