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Company Registration in Morocco

Company Registration in Morocco

Explore the essentials of Company Registration in Morocco: a guide detailing advantages, costs, requirements, and necessary documentation for successful business setup in Morocco.

Company Registration in Morocco in 7 Easy Steps [2023-25]

Over the last decade, Morocco’s economy has flourished, establishing itself as an attractive hub for global investors and entrepreneurs. The Moroccan government has actively encouraged business startups through appealing tax incentives, enhancing the ease of company registration in Morocco.

Company Registration in Morocco

The process for setting up an organization in Morocco, including the Morocco Company Registration Procedure and obtaining a Morocco Business License, has been streamlined, requiring only two days for submitting an incorporation application. This, coupled with a low inflation rate, positions Morocco as an ideal location for business ventures.

Notably, significant investments like Renault’s $1.5 billion manufacturing unit showcase Morocco’s growing industrial capacity. For entrepreneurs looking to navigate the landscape of Moroccan Business Entities, understanding the nuances of Limited Liability Company SARL, Morocco Tax Identification, and Corporate Bank Account requirements is vital. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with the Morocco Chamber of Commerce, Morocco Registration Certificate, and Negative Certificate Morocco is essential for compliance with local regulations.

Morocco Company Registration Process

Registering a company in Morocco is a straightforward process. It involves following a few clear steps:

  1. Check the company name availability at (OMPIC).
  2. Draft and notarize the articles of association.
  3. Obtain a tax identification number from Moroccan authorities.
  4. Acquire a registration certificate from the Trade Register.
  5. Open a corporate bank account, depositing a minimum of MAD 30,000.
  6. Obtain necessary business licenses and permits.
  7. Complete registration with the Moroccan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Morocco Company Registration

Once you complete the company registration process in Morocco, you’re ready to begin business operations.

Required Documents for Company Registration in Morocco

Necessary documents for company registration in Morocco include:

  1. Directors’ and shareholders’ proof of identity.
  2. Articles of association of the company.
  3. Notarized certificate for minimum share capital deposit.
  4. Proof of registered business address.
  5. Tax identification number.
  6. Bank certificate for share capital deposit.
  7. Work permit for foreign nationals, if applicable.
  8. Business license.
  9. Chamber of Commerce registration certificate.

The documents needed for registering a company can vary based on the company type and industry. Our team of experts can assist you through the process to minimize any mistakes.

Business Entity Types for Company Registration in Morocco

In Morocco, you can choose from the following common business entity types when registering a company:

The most common entities are:

  • Limited Liability Company (SA)
  • Private Limited Company (SARL)
  • Branch Office
  • Sole Proprietorship
Business Entity TypeDescriptionMinimum ShareholdersMinimum Capital
Limited Liability Company (SA)Requires at least five shareholders, either individuals or legal entities. Shareholders’ losses are limited to their share equity.5Not specified
Private Limited Company (SARL)An intermediate form of business, requiring a detailed memorandum of agreement and described capital stock.Not specified10,000 MAD
Branch OfficeA separate legal entity affiliated with a foreign company, must provide detailed information about the parent company.Not applicableNot applicable
Sole ProprietorshipFor foreigners, run by an individual responsible for all company obligations. Requires registration with Commerce Registry and tax authority.1 (individual)Not applicable
Types of Business Entities for Company Registration in Morocco

Conditions For Morocco Company Registration

  • Minimum 1 shareholder (Individual/ Corporate Entity).
  • Minimum 1 director.
  • 100% local or foreign shareholding allowed.
  • Registered business address in Morocco.
  • Minimum share capital: MAD 30,000 (approx. USD 3,200).
  • Obtain a tax ID and fulfill tax obligations.
  • Foreign nationals may require a work license.

Taxes for Morocco Company Registration

There are various taxes that companies must pay in Morocco :

  • Corporate Tax: 28%
  • VAT: 20% on taxable transactions
  • Withholding Tax: 10% to 20%
  • Personal Income Tax: 0% to 35%

Cost for Morocco Company Registration

  • Range for Morocco Company Registration Varies based on business type.
  • Includes notary fees, Trade Register fees, and Chamber of Commerce fees.
  • Foreign nationals may incur additional costs for a work permit
  • Business license fees depend on the company type.

For accurate estimates, consulting with business experts like BH Adviser.

Why Register a Company in Morocco

  • Lower operating costs than other regional countries.
  • Strategic location for access to European and African markets.
  • Supportive political and economic climate for foreign investment.
  • Skilled and affordable workforce.
  • Tax incentives in sectors like renewable energy and tourism.
  • Various government incentives and tax breaks

Advantages of Registering Company in Morocco

Advantages of Registering Your Company in Morocco Registering a company in Morocco offers a multitude of benefits, making it an appealing choice for businesses looking to expand their global footprint. Here are some key advantages: Supportive Business Environment Morocco is renowned for its business-friendly climate, characterized by a stable political landscape and a government that actively supports and encourages foreign investment. Prime Geographical Location Situated at the nexus of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Morocco offers unparalleled access to these significant markets. This strategic positioning is ideal for businesses aiming to tap into diverse and expansive markets. Economic Diversity The Moroccan economy is robust, featuring strong sectors such as agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. This diversity not only stabilizes the economy but also opens up various avenues for business ventures. Cost-Effectiveness Businesses benefit from Morocco's competitive labor costs and attractive tax incentives, which significantly reduce operational expenses. Language and Cultural Ties Being a bilingual nation (French and Arabic), Morocco has strong cultural and economic ties with Francophone Africa, offering additional business opportunities in these regions. Infrastructure and Connectivity The country boasts well-developed infrastructure and a modern transportation network, facilitating efficient business operations and logistics.
  1. A supportive business environment.
  2. Location benefits from easy access to European, African, and Middle Eastern markets.
  3. A diverse economy with strengths in agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing.
  4. Affordable labor costs coupled with beneficial tax incentives.
  5. Bilingual workforce proficient in French and Arabic, enhancing connections with Francophone Africa.
  6. Well-developed infrastructure and modern transportation facilities.


When considering registering a company in Morocco, investors should understand the legal steps, global rules, and necessary investment for success. Morocco’s Tanger-Med port is a major gateway to Europe, offering good return opportunities for traders.

Knowing the social, cultural, and political environment is key to a business’s success. While the registration process can be complex, professional guidance, such as from BH Adviser, can ease the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much will it cost to set up a firm in Morocco?

Setting up a limited liability company (LLC) in Morocco depending on includes fees for company registration, opening a bank account, legal address listing, and other administrative costs.

Is Morocco a decent spot to start a business?

Numerous business opportunities exist in Morocco, and the government consistently extends its support to new ventures.

Does Morocco give citizenship to foreigners?

Individuals linked to the country or permanent residents who have lived there for a specified period can be granted permission through naturalization.

Is Morocco taxable on foreign income for foreigners?

Foreign income earned by a Moroccan citizen is taxable in Morocco, unless exempted by a specific treaty.

Does Morocco have no taxes?

Moroccan tax residents must pay personal income tax on their global earnings, while non-residents are taxed only on income sourced from Morocco.

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