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Establishing business
hanae belsakri
Writing By Hanane Belaskri

Establishing Your Business in Morocco

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Are you seeking independence, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, ready to take on new challenges, or eager to increase your income?

These are all reasons that lead many people to venture into entrepreneurship and start their own businesses. So, how do you set up a company in Morocco, and what are the costs involved for each step?

Choose a Company Name

 To select a name for your future business, you must do so through the OMPIC platform, which will issue a “negative certificate” valid for three months. 

Timeframe: 24 to 48 hours (depending on OMPIC response time). 

Draft the Articles of Association 

The articles of association detail the rules governing the relationships among partners and third parties. They define:

  • The legal form of the company (SARL, SA, etc.)
  • Business purpose (activity)
  • Company’s name
  • Headquarters (domiciliation or lease)
  • Lifespan (usually 99 years)
  • Share capital amount
  • Contributors’ identity and capital distribution among them
  • Leadership (manager, CEO, etc.)
  • Other essential rules in the life of a company (capital increase and reduction, share transfer, meetings, etc.)

The articles should be legalized by all partners and then registered (by an accountant, lawyer, or notary).

Timeframe: 24 hours. 

Register for Professional Tax (TP)

 Submit an application for registration (AAC050B-20I) for Professional Tax to the Tax Administration ( They will issue a Professional Tax (TP) registration certificate, which includes a registration number and an activity that will form the basis of your business tax.

Timeframe: 48 hours (depending on the response time of the tax authorities).

Register in the Trade Register (RC) 

Registration in the Trade Register serves as the company’s birth certificate. The court issues an RC extract, which includes a registration number.

Required documents for registration in the Trade Register:

  • Declaration of registration in the Trade Register
  • Two copies of the articles of association
  • Two copies of the lease contract/domiciliation contract
  • Professional tax certificate
  • Identity documents of partners and managers

Timeframe: Between 24 hours and a week (depending on the appointment)

Create the Company Stamp 

The company stamp is necessary for affixing to company documents and correspondence and for continuing the administrative process of establishment.

Timeframe: 24 hours. 

Obtain a Tax ID (IF) Number 

Submit a request to obtain a Tax ID to the Tax Administration. They will issue a Tax ID number.

Timeframe: 48 hours (depending on the response time of the tax authorities).

Affiliate with CNSS 

Affiliation with CNSS is not mandatory during establishment and can be completed later after the creation process is finished. All companies in Morocco are subject to the social security system and mandatory health insurance. CNSS issues a certificate containing an affiliation number.

Timeframe: Immediate. 

Advertise After registration in the Trade 

Register and within a period not exceeding one month, two mandatory advertisements must be placed in the legal announcements journal and the Official Bulletin.

Timeframe: 24 to 48 hours (depending on the response of the publication medium). 

By following these steps and understanding the associated costs, you will be well-equipped to establish your company in Morocco. Embrace your entrepreneurial journey and build a successful business in this thriving marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the legal forms of companies that I can establish in Morocco? 

There are several legal forms of companies that you can establish in Morocco, including SARL (limited liability company), SA (public limited company), SNC (general partnership), SCS (limited partnership), and SCA (limited joint-stock company).

Is it necessary to have a physical office in Morocco to establish a company? 

No, it is not necessary to have a physical office in Morocco to establish a company. You can use a domiciliation service to provide a legal address for your company.

What is the OMPIC platform, and why do I need to use it for my company name?

The OMPIC platform is the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property. It is the official institution responsible for managing the registration of company names in Morocco. You must use it to ensure that your chosen company name is unique and available, after which you will receive a “negative certificate” as proof.

What is the significance of the articles of association in setting up a company in Morocco?

The articles of association form the backbone of your company, outlining its legal structure, purpose, and the rules governing relationships between partners and third parties. It is a crucial document that must be prepared and legalized by all partners involved in the business.

How do I register for Professional Tax (TP) in Morocco?

You need to submit an application for registration (AAC050B-20I) for Professional Tax to the Tax Administration via their official website ( Upon approval, you will receive a Professional Tax registration certificate, which includes a registration number and the activity that will form the basis of your business tax.

What is the Trade Register (RC), and why is it important?

The Trade Register (RC) is a record of all businesses operating in Morocco. Registering your company in the RC is essential, as it serves as your company’s legal birth certificate. Upon registration, you will receive an RC extract containing your company’s registration number.

Why do I need a company stamp?

A company stamp is necessary.


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