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Model 7 or Model J
hanae belsakri
Writing By Hanane Belaskri

18.01.2023 | Bh Adviser | Morocco

Model 7 or Model J : what you need to know

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In Morocco, it is not enough to have a business name to prove the existence of a company. Nor is it sufficient to make the company known to the legal authorities. On the contrary, every commercial enterprise must have an official document attesting to its existence, the so-called Model J or Model 7. What does it contain in detail and how can it be obtained? This article informs you about all the important information about Model J.

Model 7 or Model J

What is the J model?

Simply put, the Model J is an official document that proves that a business enterprise exists and has been registered with the legal authorities. This official document is valid for the representation of the company throughout Morocco, and in case the legal representatives want to approach institutions or financing establishments.

This official document is in a way the identity card of your company, as it contains all the information relating to its existence and the particularities of the activity carried out. The J model is issued by the clerk of the commercial court at the commercial register.

What does this official document contain?

The Model J document contains everything about the registration number and the registration office. The document also includes the legal form you have chosen for your company, whether it is a public limited company, a limited liability company or an economic interest grouping (EIG). In addition, this official document also sets out the company’s name. We remind you that the company name is the name that the company bears, just like the first and last names that an individual may bear.

Other data are also displayed on the document, such as the address of the registered office or the acronym if the name of the company is in the form of an acronym. Similarly, all the information relating to the date of incorporation of the company and the main activity of the company will be described on Model J. Similarly, you will find on Model J the amount of the company’s share capital and the status of the registrations made by the company. You will also find information on the civil status of the company’s directors and officers. The document specifies their surnames, first names and respective nationalities.

By having this official document, you have access to all the information concerning the company and the people who set it up, partners and legal representatives. It is a real roadmap or identity card for your company.

How do you go about obtaining the Model J?

Before starting this section, it is good to know that the Model J extract can be requested for a company or a natural person. The application is made at the same place and almost the same documents are to be submitted. To obtain Model J, you must apply to the Registry of the Commercial Court, the court where the company was previously registered. An application must be made to the Greffe, stating the RC registration number of your company.

What should I do if I can no longer find the RC number?

To apply for a Model J without the RC number, it is recommended to turn to the OMPIC (Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property). This is a sort of central register in which you can search for information about your company based on its name. To have your application accepted by OMPIC, you must first have an official document that has been issued and signed by the Clerk of the Commercial Court. Without this document, the search cannot be carried out with OMPIC or other organisations.

How to proceed with the online application?

For several years now, it has been possible to request an extract from the CR or a J model online. To do so, go to the e-government website: and then click on new request.

Once you have entered the verification code, you will need to enter all the information regarding the type of document you are looking for, the company information, and the court to which it is attached. You will also need to enter the applicant’s details before validating the online application.

How much does the Model J application cost?

Whether you apply in person at a court or online, you will be charged 20 DHS for the stamp that will be affixed to the Model J or the extract from the trade register.

When applying online, you will have to finalise the payment online before you can follow the whole application. You will then know whether your application has been accepted and whether your documents are ready to be collected or not.

How long is Model J valid?

In Morocco, a Model J is only valid for 3 months after its issue date. It is not possible to make a copy. Therefore, in case you need a new copy after 3 months, it is recommended to make a new request. Furthermore, if important company information has changed, it is advisable to make a new application so that the model J that will be issued only contains the current company information.

The obligation of all companies

All companies operating in Morocco are obliged to register with the Trade Register when they declare their company. Registration with the Trade Register can be done at the CRI (Regional Investment Centre) by presenting the following documents

  • An identity document.

  • 3 original copies of the RC declaration filled in Arabic.

  • 3 original copies of the RC declaration filled in French.

  • Two true copies of the lease contract.

  • Two true copies of the certificate of domicile.

An original copy of the certificate of registration for professional tax.
It should also be noted that the application for registration in the Trade Register is made at a cost of 150dhs.

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