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Type Of Business Not Legal In Morocco?
hanae belsakri
Writing By Hanane Belaskri

14.07.2022 | Bh Adviser | Morocco

What Are The Type Of Business Not Legal In Morocco?


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The Moroccan parliament is considering specific legislation to further normalize and regulate the types of businesses that are not currently legal in Morocco.
In the new proposals, an individual seeking authorization to establish a business will be required to submit a description of the type of business or activity that he or she intends to carry on with the application for authorization. The legislation also states that consent from local authorities will not be required for any activities not legally authorized by Morocco’s existing laws, including activities relating to alcohol distribution and trade, public advertising, gambling, money transfers, and currency exchange.

Type Of Business Not Legal In Morocco?

The Moroccan government has imposed a ban on a number of business types in Morocco. This includes the following:

Cannabis cultivation

Cannabis cultivation in Morocco is illegal, because of the country’s strict regulations on drugs.
In Morocco, cannabis cultivation is illegal and has been so for many years. The thriving marijuana industry has led to crackdowns by authorities and arrests of growers.

The production, sale, export and import of counterfeit goods

Morocco was an original adopter of copyright law and is also one of the strongest advocates in the fight against counterfeiting. The law was introduced to protect intellectual property. It restricts the distribution channels for counterfeit products and prevents them from entering the Moroccan market.

The production and sale of alcohol without a license from the Ministry of Economy and Finance

Moroccans are not allowed to produce, sell, or import alcohol without a license from the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
The production and sale of alcohol without a license is illegal in Morocco. Moroccans who have managed to circumvent the law with permits usually face fines or even imprisonment.

The production, sale, export and import of narcotic drugs without a license from the Ministry of Health.

Moroccan law prohibits the manufacture, sale, export, and import of narcotics without authorization from the Ministry of Health.
Those found in possession of these items will be punished according to their crimes. The immediate consequence of this crime is imprisonment from one month to three years, depending on the crime committed by the individual.
Drugs are generally divided into three main types: – MarijuanaOpiumCocaine

Starting a business in Morocco, the first thing foreigners have to do is figure out what kind of company they should work for. They can work in many different types of businesses, from service industries like tourism and hospitality to manufacturing and agriculture.

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